Quality management training

„What is not measured – can not be improved.“.
Quality management training for organizations focuses on the practical realization of the quality standards and tool creation. Kudzys&Hammers Ltd. lecturers install quality management systems, develop quality management models and apply them to specific organizations.
Here is the standard quality management system model.

Each organization must be able to:

Kudzys&Hammers Ltd. consultants actively advocate for the integration of multiple systems to the company’s operations: Six Sigma, Lean, and thus realize the created synergies. The most common quality management improvement solutions are related with the acceptance of strategic and project management solutions.
Kudzys&Hammers Ltd. consultants hosted quality management systems training for more than 1000 people. All this makes for a large community of individuals who want to change their organization and its activities and raise them to the next level.
Quality management training is focused on each company’s specific needs. According to that individual programs are created to better suit the objectives and targets.
We ask you to contact our consultants and find a common solution to improve the functioning of your organization or company.

Project management training

Modern organization’s activities are mainly based on project management. The newly developed products and various initiatives are usually implemented as separate projects with their starts and finishes. Project management experience and its application becomes a competitive factor in today’s competitive environment.
Studies show that “An astonishing two thirds of projects are delayed,” and “Almost 34 per cent. are terminated.”
The statistics speak for themselves, especially when you begin to analyze the late project costs, and the damage this usually causes the organization.
Our goal is to provide more knowledge about project management in Japan through PMP, Agile, Scrum methodologies. Our lecturers have gained international PMP, Scrum Master certification, are constantly increasing their competence and qualifications in international symposia, seminars, and conferences.

Project management training is led according to PMI ® (Project Management Institute) recommended methodology and set of knowledge areas of the PMBOK areas of knowledge (themes):

The project management according the Agile methodology gains increasing popularity in the world, we also prepare project management training using Scrum methodology. These project management techniques are applied in our organization, that’s why we are ready to transfer this knowledge to your organization and team members.

We ask you to contact our consultants and find a common solution to improve the operation.

Leadership training

Each organization is ideologically dependent on the activity leaders. Modern organizations face continuous turnover of staff, and especially – the change of talents in the company. Talent management is becoming the company’s main challenge these days.
Leadership and talent management may be done from the outside as well as inside. Companies that grow in-house talents meet stiff competition and a challenging market. It is important to bring the short-term and long-term prospects of organizations together. After certain projects in the organization ends, often the existing resources are being disposed of, or they are transferred to other activities. All of this leads to talent management becoming a complex task for any organization, because you need to align tactical and long-term organization steps and their timely delivery to all interested parties.
Kudzys&Hammers Ltd. consultants are actively working with talent management – with both wide profile and large business organizations and youth organizations. The most common leadership solutions are complex – combining project management, strategic management and quality management.
The leader must see the big picture.

We ask you to contact our consultants and find a common solution to improve the operation of your organization.

Strategic management training

The strategy starts with the small steps. The current competitive environment usually forces people to often overlook the importance of strategy. All of this leads to an astonishing 83 percent of all strategic plans failing. This implies that a lot of organizations do not believe in the value of strategic plans and use. But how to stay competitive and achieve high standards of performance if you don’t know what you’re pursuing at all?
An organization that does not know where it is going is never going to be there. Although it is all a phase of work despised by a lot of people, but it is very significant. Important decisions and results are not achieved within 1-2 years. It must be achieved by consistently investing time, money and human resources. It may take up to 5-10 years. Imagine how much time is wasted if the decision is not being made today and the future remains unplanned. The organization must have a strategy like every individual seeking to realize his or hers goals in life. It is even more difficult to do for an organization, since it consists of numerous personalities, with different goals and perspectives for the future.
Our lecturers analyze organizations according to a strategic map.

Organizations create maximum profit and value by implementing different strategies, creating outstanding products and services for the market.

Our services mainly include moderation and management of strategic plans. We are confident that the organization itself and its members should be interested in creating a strategy and participate in the same process directly.

Our training topics include (but are not limited to):

We ask you to contact our consultants and find a common solution to improve the operation of your organization.