Project preparation

Preparation of business, strategic, restructuration plans is only a part of the services we are ready to offer to our clients. We also provide complex project preparation services for business clients and the public sector according to their individual needs and expectations.
The projects are developed under and according to the support programs of various different areas.
The company provides comprehensive services in the area of preparation of strategy plans, investment projects, business plans, feasibility studies.
We offer consultations for Public and Business sector clients.

Project management

Project management is one of the most important and inevitable stages of project implementation. Whenever we are operating the project together with the customer, we take the responsibility to effectively and efficiently control the whole project from its beginning to its end.


Who, how and why – these are questions the business and other institution heads need to know the answers to in order to make the right decisions on development activities and in order to be successful. Our professional research team is ready to find those answers for you.
You provide the problem, and We are looking for solution.
Depending on your needs, we offer quantitative (exact and fine, calculated and reliable), qualitative (creative, interpretative) or mixed research to answer the questions: What? Why? And How?
Due to the specifics of each examined case, we individually pick the most appropriate research methods. And if a need arises we choose a combination of the above mentioned, to provide a comprehensive assessment of the study and to obtain extensive information.
We specialize in both the public and business sectors. The diversity of areas of studies provides an opportunity to present business with relevant information and, at the same time, stay true to the spirit of a public welfare issues.

Export promotion

Kudzys&Hummers Ltd. is ready to help Japanese and European companies to export their production. In providing advice, we help businesses in the European countries that are looking for export opportunities in Japan. Also we help Japanese businesses that are looking for export opportunities in Europe.

In representing you, Kudzys&Hammers Ltd. can offer these services:

  1. Prepare export strategy of your company’s services or products.
  2. Develop export opportunities analyses and plans.
  3. Prepare marketing strategies for export of services or products.
  4. Help to prepare the documents that are needed for the certification of products and services.
  5. Help to set up representative offices and agencies in Japan and European countries.
  6. Organize business missions working visits.
  7. Consult about other issues related to the Japanese and European market.