Customer’s voice (translation from Japanese):

1. We went to the construction and building materials exhibition 2013 at the Big Sight. Wooden windows were ones that really were of interest. There were only three companies to be checked.
Among them, the first time I have seen, was Doleta wooden windows from Lithuania.
One of the three Baltic countries facing the Baltic Sea in Eastern Europe. I did not know in such country are manufacturing a high-performance sashes …. U value of the highest performance with the aluminum cover was of 0.6W/㎡K.
Fire protection certification of Japan has been taken, I was surprised in the U value of wire glass pair sash with 1.1W/㎡K.

2. Doleta’s exclusive agent in Japan is Kudzys&Hammers company. I have got a CD with the enormous content of information from company head,. Doctor of Engineering Mr. Kudzys. If you look at the video in CD, breadth and scale of the plant was felt as far superior, than factories in North America and Germany I ever have seen.
Introduced fire protection certification was dated to January 2011. Total thickness of the glass is 28.8 mm. Air layer 16 mm and U value of the glass was 1.1W/㎡K.