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Everything began with a question from doctor of engineering Mr. A. Kudzys: why Japanese do not choose the wooden windows

“Challenges from 0.5 percent” by Dr. A. Kudzys

Hello, this is Dr. Algirdas Kudzys.
Scandinavia 95%, the UK 75%, US 45%, Japan 0.5%: what are these numbers representing by your mind?
The simple answer – it is the percentage of wooden windows in each country.
In Japan, due to changes in the lifestyle in recent years, mostly the aluminum sashes are selected. However, because of environmental destruction on a global scale, the progress of global warming in recent years, eco-car and many other energy-saving appliances have been more widespread. The energy loss at buildings is tremendous, that more and more impact on the environment. Everyone must use products friendly to the earth. Right now, era for new selection based on the eco-energy-saving, for windows as well, has arrived. Therefore, we would like to propose a wide collection of multicolored prefect wooden sash windows with high thermal efficiency.
Heat continues to escape from warmer side to colder one. For example, according data of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (in charge for construction in Japan), the largest energy losses in Japanese buildings are as follows: (in Winter) – 48% of the warm from rooms escape through the building windows and through the doors! (in Summer) – 71% of the heat entering through outside windows and entrance doors!

Low thermal efficiency of windows is the main reason of energy consumptions for heating and cooling of premises.

What reasons make the Japanese to distrust wooden windows and not choose them for construction in Japan? After all, Japan is the only one country all around the world, which had saved a wooden structure for more than a thousand years! I will try answer to the most actual questions.

Reason 1 – Q: wooden windows are flammable?

A: Although certainly wood will burn, on the other hand, aluminum and steel will melt. However, Doleta, Inc. made windows with foaming fireproof paint, protect the window from the fire and keep strong without kink, bend over, buckling, etc., totally differ from such behavior of metallic materials at high heat.

Reason 2 – Q: wooden window has a low strength performance?

A: Doleta Inc. manufactured windows wooden frames are made from the finger joint 3-6 layers lamina. High-strength frame corners junction technology ensure bending and compression strength for more than 3-4 times higher than usual wood.

Reason 3 – Q: wooden windows are heavy?

A: Once upon a time of flat one layer glass windows with low thermal and sound insulation properties, even the weight of the wooden sash was a burden to the house. However, modern and effective energy-saving windows with multi-layer glasses are heavy because of glass weight. For example, the 3.24㎡area window with 78㎜ frame width weight 24 kg. However, only the weight of a three-layer double-glazing unit in such window is about 100-110㎏. In such case, the weight of wooden or aluminum frame is not so actual.

Reason 4 – Q: the thermal insulation performance of aluminum sash or wooden window does not differ?

A: The performance of wooden window frame is 3-4 times more effective than aluminum sash, and more than 2 times as excellent double insulation aluminum luxury resin sash. Wooden sash will prevent condensation that becomes the main cause of the mold formation, which harmfulness to health is not less than from asbestos dust.

Reason 5 – Q: wooden windows are not durable?

A: Even taking the oldest wooden structure in the world – Horyuji, it is even durable than alive tree itself. Modern wood coating technologies has been greatly improved. Wood is dried to below 12% moisture content, preservatives are used for wooden frames separate parts one by one. Wooden frame is subjected to antifungal pool, preservation, primer and topping coatings with hot drying that improve durability of wood. Furthermore, indoor side with wooden texture makes the most charm influence of wooden sash. At that time, outdoors wooden frame can be additionally protected from corrosion and deterioration with the aluminum clad.

Reason 6 – Q: wooden window has a high cost?

A: (window order example, CIF Japanese port): In the case of two-story wooden two blocked terrace houses, windows number is 20 ones. Total 1.5 million yen for windows area of 21,82㎡.
It becomes the average 70,000 yen / sq. m. Not only has the high energy efficiency, even in terms of price, able enough compared with aluminum sash. Usually, erection of exterior wall with the same level of thermal isolation, including interior and exterior finishing, cost about 100.000 yen per sq. m. May be better to use more modern and effective wooden windows in each house? We can help you and make windows estimation for free.

What is your opinion? Did you get an interest in wooden windows now?

The house with warmth of natural wood is what you can feel from very beginning. You get a sense of unity with a nature, filling warmth in winter and coolness in summer, differently from that with aluminum sash. We strongly recommend rethink your approach to timber and looking forward to meet you.