June 5, 2015

A long history of wooden sash manufacturing In Europe having Lithuanian company DOLETA’s representative in Japan Dr. Algirdas Kudzys, who opened his office in Sapporo and started the full-scale activities in import and sale of wooden windows in northern Sapporo,visited our association. New windows on the theme “Life style starting from the window” will be a product what will become an expected one in severe cold Hokkaido. I hope for a successful development.
In addition, the inquiry and consultations on wooden windows sash to the following address:

003-0002 Sapporo Shiroishi-ku Higashi Sapporo 2-joh 6-chome, 4-15
Higashi Sapporo Fujii Building 3F
Doleta company representative in Japan “Kudzys&Hammers” Inc.
Tel. 011-598-9546

Originally from the Hokkaido Housing and Urban Development Association Home Page: http://www.jyutakutoshikaihatsu.or.jp/archives/1347