Company overview

Company Name: Kudzys&Hammers Inc.
Headquarters location:
Japan, Hokkaido pref., Sapporo, Minami-ku, Higashi Machi 1-10-26
Established Date: November 19, 2010
General Manager Algirdas Kudzys

Business operations Content

  1. Doleta Co. Ltd. wooden windows and building materials import and sale
  2. Strategic business and engineering consulting
  3. Import and export of food products
  4. All business incidentally related to the above items

„Kudzys&Hammers“ Inc. in Japan right now implementing 2 joint consulting and market introducing projects with Lithuanian companies:

Wooden windows import to Japan. This project is implemented partnering with one of the biggest and modern wooden windows producer JSC „Doleta“ (Lithuania).
Milk products import to Japan. This project is implemented with one of the biggest dairy products producer in Europe JSC „Pieno žvaigždės” (Lithuania).


TEL: 011-598-9546 FAX: 011-206-7423
WEB Corporate site /
Food brand site /
Major bank: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Shinbashi Branch

Major trading partners:

Fujii Building Co. Ltd.
MARU Architects Japan Co. Ltd.
Architect office bcd Co. Ltd.
Nihon Kensetsu Co. Ltd. Sapporo branch
Jyouyama construction Co. Ltd.
Forest Co. Ltd.